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Two Reasons That You Should Use Spring Loaded Casters

Two Reasons That You Should Use Spring Loaded Casters

Casters is the term used for the wheels commonly found on carts, office chairs, and movable tables. However, there is not one single type of caster that serves every single purpose. Casters can vary in size, material, and other such types. One of these types is a spring loaded caster and it has some very specific purposes. Here are two of them. 

Transporting Sensitive Materials 

A rattling cart can cause damage to sensitive products such as those made of glass and clay as well as machines such as computers and engines. The spring in a spring loaded caster is able to absorb all of the vibrations and shocks that occur when a cart is moving. In this way, these motions will not spread to the cart and thus the product. In other cases, components inside computers and engines can come loose or glass and clay products can smash against the sides of a cart or fall off the side. These issues will not occur when the cart is equipped with spring loaded casters. 

Protecting Your Floors 

Unfortunately, a factory or plant can install very nice floors only for them to be worn down by the casters on the building’s carts. This especially happens when the floor is uneven in places and the weight of a product isn’t equally distributed over the whole of the cart. Over time, these casters can cut grooves into the floors at the points where the weight is too much as they carry products to different points in the building. Spring loaded casters don’t have these issues as the stress on all the casters remains even throughout the whole carrying process. 

In conclusion, if your company transports sensitive materials and works on a rough surface, then choosing spring loaded casters for your carts or other transporters might be a good investment. It may seem like it’s more expensive at first but in the long run, it should save you plenty of money.

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