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The Five Key Ingredients for Great Packaging Design

The Five Key Ingredients for Great Packaging Design

With so many CPG brands in today’s market, it can be hard to make your products stand out on the shelf. Packaging is often the first introduction a customer has to your business, so it’s important to have an impact. Here are five key packaging design considerations that will help your brand make a great first impression.

1. Make Sure It’s on Brand

Your package should effectively communicate your brand through thoughtful design. Ensure that your company name and logo are front and center and that your packaging across all products contains key branded elements. Customers should be able to easily recognize the visual identity of your brand when they see your packaging.

2. Getting the Right Container

There’s nothing more frustrating than fighting with a package that won’t open or a bottle that won’t pump. Getting your product container right is key, and there is actually a bit of science to it. Companies that specialize in packaging and design solutions should be able to help you choose the right option for your products.

3. Consider Form and Function

A beautiful package doesn’t look so great if it gets smooshed in transit. The main purpose of a package is to contain and protect the product, don’t sacrifice functionality for design. Choose packaging and design solutions that are sturdy and can hold up when shipping and handling. Also, don’t forget to make it easy to open, and include any instructions that may be required.

4. Know Your Audience

Your packaging should reflect what’s inside and meet the expectations of your target market. If your product is a healthy organic snack, think about designing with natural elements and recycling-friendly containers. Alternatively, if your product is a glamorous makeup line, you might consider an elevated printing technique like metallic foil or spot gloss. Consider your competitors as well and try to find ways that your packaging can offer value others don’t. An example might be creating a package that’s ready to travel, or perhaps one that can be upcycled in some way.

5. Check the Requirements

There are legal requirements for consumer packaged goods, and they vary depending on the product. These can include things like ingredients, barcodes, allergen information, etc. Make sure you know the requirements and quality check your packaging design against any standards. Do this before you send your design to print to avoid added expense.

Your packaging is customer experience, marketing, and branding all rolled into one element. Get these five key packaging considerations right and you’ll have a product that customers love.

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