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Safety Tips For Driving A Scooter In Cold Weather

Safety Tips For Driving A Scooter In Cold Weather

When it comes to winter, this does not mean that those with scooters or motorbikes must pack their vehicles away.

However, people have many safety concerns when it comes to driving a scooter or motorbike in colder, wetter weather. It is an unfortunate fact that when it comes to RTAs or road traffic accidents, people who are on scooters and motorbikes are the most vulnerable, especially in cold, wet weather.

This can be very scary if you are new to owning a motorcycle or a scooter. However, there are some safety tips that you can follow which will help you to stay safe in colder, darker weather.

Warm and Waterproof
If you have ever been on a hike and have had a leak in one of your boots or your shoe, you will know how distracting this can be, as well as how uncomfortable it is! When you are driving a motorbike or scooter, you need to be fully focused on the road and not be distracted by feeling wet or damp. So, a top tip is to stay warm and waterproof when on the road. Some scooters and bikes offer slightly different levels of coverage when in use, so head to BMG Scooters if you are looking to purchase a bike that can provide more protection from the elements.

Full Helmet
For the protection of your head, it is vital to wear a full-face helmet, as the majority of the body heat will escape via the head. The visor of the helmet should be clear and kept clean and should also be scratch free. Some helmets have built-in ventilation that prevents the visor from steaming up, which is not something you want on the road. Be sure to maintain your helmet and keep it in good condition before operating motorbikes and other vehicles.

Reflective Strips
You want to be seen on the road, especially when it’s cold and dark, and there is safety in brightness, not only in using the lights on your bike but also wearing reflective strips. Placing reflective strips on your clothing and your scooter will help other road users to see you, which will keep you safe when it gets darker.

Check The Bike Before Riding
When you are venturing out on a cold night, whether it is to the local shops or visiting a friend, you need to check your scooter before getting onto it. Is the battery charged? Is there enough fuel, and do the tires have enough tread should they get onto a wet or slippery road? Also, be sure to check that all of the lights are working and that your brakes are also responsive. If any of these are amiss, do not get on the bike.

Road Conditions
If it is particularly bad weather, then you may need to revise your route or cancel your plans altogether, especially when it comes to scooters. You also need to allow plenty of time for the journey if you absolutely cannot avoid it and always be aware of areas such as those that have not been gritted, ice on the roads, and braking distances in slippery conditions.

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