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Top 3 Security Risks To Michigan Canna-businesses

As Michigan’s cannabis laws have evolved, thousands of new businesses have emerged. From growing facilities to dispensaries, accessory shops and even lounges, there are numerous new canna-businesses thriving in existence throughout the state. 

With that said, if you have ever noticed security guards in Michigan dispensaries and wondered, “What gives?” you are not alone. For many consumers, the sight can be startling. However, there are genuine reasons for these businesses to need security. Physical security is only one type. For a closer look, consider these three examples of potential canna-business security risks. 

1. Theft

When it comes to the need for security guards, the primary reason at canna-businesses is to prevent theft. Given the nature of the product and the delicate legal situation that surrounds it, having security guards on-site is one of the most effective ways to keep everyone safe. Remember, customer safety is only half of the equation. Employees need to be safe, too. 

2. Product Tampering

Another major risk that canna-businesses face is product tampering. In many cases, someone may not steal an entire product, but he or she might cause damage or use or steal a portion of it. Security guards can be helpful in these situations as well. The installation of surveillance cameras can also be useful. In many retail settings, the use of large corner mirrors is another effective idea that canna-businesses might benefit from. 

3. Cybersecurity Hackers

Although cybersecurity hackers do not present a physical threat, they can still do significant damage to sensitive financial data or other digital company information. For this reason, an increasing number of cannabis startups are catching onto the need to invest in experienced cybersecurity protection for valuable assets. Fortunately, there are numerous cybersecurity services available.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, there are security concerns that businesses will need to continue addressing. Learning about risks such as these is one way to plan ahead. 

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