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82-Year-Old Message In A Bottle Hidden In Walls

“I was just thinking that this could be a goldmine, because, you know, sometimes people just find things in their home from years before,” Kevin told KCCI. As he tore down walls, he kept a keen eye out. That’s when he saw it, an actual message in a bottle. It wasn’t quite the valuable treasure he had hoped for, but he wasn’t disappointed. The letter, more than 82 years old, had plenty of sentimental value! The messge was written by a 13-year-old girl named Katherine, and she had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

“I am placing a bottle in here because I have read of such things in mystery stories… Whoever finds this please try and hunt me up,” Katherine wrote. The couple tried to find Katherine, but the woman had passed away in 2014; however, they did manage to get in contact with Katherine’s children.

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