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5 Common Bail Bonds Questions You Need Answers

5 Common Bail Bonds Questions You Need Answers

After your arrest, the last thing you want is to serve jail time. Finding ways to handle your case outside of jail, therefore, becomes paramount. The availability of bail bond services offers you an opportunity that you should never overlook. Through bail bond services, you can secure your release and handle your case away from jail. But what do you know about bail bonds? Here are the common bail bonds questions you need answers to.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

After arrest, most people fail to pay the stipulated amount as the bond to secure their release. The bail bond company comes in to pay the full bail amount to the court and allow the defendant to secure their release. This is until the trial date when the defendant appears before the court, and after the trial, the court returns the full amount of bail to the bail bond company. After paying the bond, the court expects the defendant to be present for the trial to repay the bondsman.

What Should You Know Before Involving a Bail Bond Company?

Before servicing the bail, the bondsman will want to know the person in custody, the jail name, the city, and the state. In addition, you should clearly state the full name and the booking number of the arrested individual. With this information, the bail agent can contact the court and the enforcement authorities to facilitate release. Lastly, you should know the bail amount. Before contacting the bail bond agent, seek to know the bond amount and the requirements.

Do You Get Your Money Back After the Case Is Over?

While it is the expectation of many people, rarely do you get back the paid premium. You should note that it’s the money from the bail bond company that enabled your release, and it earns it back fully once the defendant is out of jail and the trial is over. There are, however, cases where the bondsman doesn’t live to the end of the contract, and in such cases, you might get a refund.

Can You Leave the State or Country While on Bond?

It is crucial to get permission from the bonding office before you attempt to leave the state or country. If the court orders you not to move the state or country and, for some reason, you must leave, ensure you get permission from the bondsman and the court before you take any actions. Note that you are subject to arrest if you go against the court’s orders and leave the state or country.

What Do Bondsmen Accept As Collateral?

The standards among the bail bond companies differ. What they accept as bail collateral differs. In most cases, what they accept as collateral is in relation to the cash bail bond requested by the court. Cars, title deeds, stocks, credit cards, jewelry, personal credit, and bank accounts are things that bondsmen can take as collateral. It is prudent to understand what the agent wants and reach an agreement before they facilitate your release.

The presence of bail bond companies in the market has had a positive impact on law and justice. It is, however, prudent to have information and proper guidance before deciding on working with a bondsman in your case. The above questions are among the many whose answers will help you make informed decisions and help yourself.

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