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Yugadeals is Now Officially Open

Yugadeals is Now Officially Open

Unlike in other market segments like food, travel, health and services, the tech industry does not enjoy huge margins for physical products. YugaDeals will attempt to give a crack at it, and possibly add a little bit of twist.

P.S. If you’re interested to partner with YugaDeals and have your tech products/services be featured and offered as a deal, drop us an email at business@yugadeals.com (please cc abeolandres@gmail.com as well).

P.S. If you’re a friend or fan of YugaTech, this is you’re chance to show your appreciation – share the good news, forward the link to friends and sign-up on our email alerts.

YugaDeals Inc. is new a tech venture in partnership with YugaTech, IdeaLab and Sparrow Interactive.

Yugadeals is Now Officially Open

Yugadeals is Now Officially Open

So, if you’ve not signed-up for our email alerts, go over there and do it now. Add them on Twitter and Facebook as well as share the link to all your friends, co-workers and relatives.

Any idea what type of gadget they’r offering tomorrow? Go make a guess and They might just send you a special prize if you guessed it right.

How YugaDeals.com Works:

  1. Deal package is presented to buyers with a minimum number of guaranteed buys.
  2. Buyers pay for purchase via bank deposit, Paypal or credit card. Payment needs to be confirmed for deal to be counted for respective buyer.
  3. Once minimum buy is reached, deal is activated.
  4. At end of deal period, buyers need to settle remaining payments and opt to pick-up items or have it delivered to their address.

Yugadeals is Now Officially Open

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