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Types of YouTube Videos to Go Viral

Types of YouTube Videos to Go Viral

YouTube is one of the most useful social media platforms available today. In fact, it is the 2nd most used search engine after (you guessed it) Google. YouTube has videos about absolutely everything and anything you could possibly want to know.

It can be used to relax at the end of a long day, to find information, to share information, to market a business, and to make money. There are videos on literally everything, from Dan Avidan’s Ninja Sex Party musical comedies to gardening tips, to children’s TV shows, to recipes and DIY remodeling projects. There is literally nothing you can’t find on YouTube.

If you’re thinking of uploading your own videos, you probably have some ideas for a video. Or, you may be stuck wondering what to do to get more views and followers. Here are some ideas for YouTube videos.


How-To videos are some of the most popular on YouTube, especially makeup how-tos. Some influencers show how to create looks with the newest palettes available. Others share scary or strange stories while doing their makeup, and yet others show how to paint your face for Halloween or just artistically.

Another very popular type of how-to video is anything that has to do with technology. There are hundreds if not thousands of people looking for help every day with their PC, phone, or other electronic devices. There are videos showing how to troubleshoot, how to work with certain tools, how to repair broken property, and more. There are also tutorials on how to perform certain tasks or tricks on your phone.


Reviews are another hugely popular type of video. People don’t like to purchase something they don’t know if works adequately or is any good. So there are people that dedicate their time to making videos about these products and how well they perform their functions. You can also review games, books, movies, new toys, and more.

What’s In/On My ______?

What’s in your purse? What apps are on your phone? What’s in your garage? What’s in your fridge? What’s in your diaper bag? Showing people what is in your personal space is fascinating for some people because they can see how human beings are all alike and all different. The fact that someone could have such drastically different things in their diaper bag, or some of the same, is a fun personal game. And, it gives people a chance to consider whether they should try something new.

Music Videos and Lip-syncing

If you love to sing, this could be the perfect type of video for you. Your beautiful voice, combined with some sick dance moves could make a nice music video. Or, if you aren’t so great at singing you could try lip-syncing. Especially comedic lip-syncing or music video parodies. There are even groups like Ninja Sex Party that do comedic music videos on purpose. 

Music is one of those things that almost all people relate to, so it’s something that can give you a good chance of getting lots of views!

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