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Why you should have a master’s in computer science if you plan on running a tech start-up (and how you can get one)

Starting a business is a tricky thing to do, but there are some things that can help you out. One of these things is seriously boosting your own knowledge. Having some sort of certification in computer science – preferably a master’s degree – can help you get to where you need to be with the range of skills and know-how it requires to succeed within the challenging field of tech business ownership.

You can get your qualification while you work 

By attending an online university, you can get your computer science masters degree while you work. When you are setting up your business, you can work with online universities to help you get the best education you can. This means that you can have a full-time job, set up your business, and gain an essential qualifications for your particular business all at the same time. This can be something that you find to be very useful with a start-up, as it is no secret that you’ll be pressed for time. Some benefits of pursuing online learning are:

  • You fit your program around your current job and timetable
  • You are potentially saving money by only paying for the cost of the program, not any other hidden fees that come with university life, such as halls and food
  • It’s based online, meaning that you can learn anywhere at any time, on the move or in your bedroom, or even in your break room at work. 

This is greatly appealing to anyone who has a start-up or is currently working at a job they want to move away from, which is why it is so useful to invest in. 

It gives you a head start 

Learning computer science to  master’s level instantly puts you in front of everyone else. This is due to your advanced knowledge of all of the essential areas that you will cover in the program. It will aid you in the knowledge of:

  • Cybersecurity (being able to know how to defend organizations against cybercrime) – which, as you know, is a huge threat to all tech businesses, big and small
  • Programming (building computer programs, often designing them too) – know exactly what you want from every resource that you are going to use or create them yourself
  • Data analysis (reading data to identify trends and being able to translate this into reports) – see where your business is going and map the best path
  • Application development (learning how to build and design apps)
  • Problem-solving (being able to reach resolutions of difficult, real-world problems in a creative or logical manner)
  • Machine learning (using algorithms to help artificial intelligence predict trends and outcomes more accurately.

All of these skills are highly valuable and sought after, and many business owners aren’t gifted in these fields. This can be something that you find a lot easier and become able to manage on your own, meaning that where some will falter, you will be ideally placed to power through and steam ahead. 

It will also make you far more eye-catching to potential investors, as they are more likely to take shares in a company that looks like it is really going somewhere. By having the correct know-how at the beginning of your business’s journey, you are more likely to turn heads.

This will mean that your funds will grow larger at the beginning, potentially giving you an even bigger head start, meaning that you can cover all bases a lot more efficiently and invest in what you need at the start, rather than having to prioritize and potentially making the wrong decision, which might have detrimental effects. 

It will help you know who to employ

It will also give you the inside track when it comes to knowing who you want to employ. In the tech industry, it doesn’t really need to be said that you are going to need some serious tech experts on your team. By getting a master’s in computer science, you will know what kinds of people you need on your side, and you will also know how to appeal to those crowds.

This will also help when it comes to outsourcing some departments, as you will know exactly what you need from them, meaning that you can approach them with confidence and cut out a lot of the promotional chat they might try to baffle you with.

This will also be very attractive to interns and apprentices, meaning that you will be able to attract talent to your business. This is another huge benefit for you, as you get incredible and enthusiastic staff to help your business dream become a success. This means that those with skill and ample education can be trained up to fit specific roles within your business, meaning that you can mold them to whichever shape you see fit, which can be great for your company in the long run, as well as having short-term benefits.

It will also be easier for you to headhunt staff members and keep your team filled with people who will work for your company knowing that they are essential and irreplaceable. This will help morale and make your employees easier to manage. They are also more likely to be amenable to doing overtime, work harder towards bonuses, and try to move up within the company. This can be great for helping your business help your employees, which will encourage retention rates to be higher, and thus make your business far more desirable to work in.

A few final thoughts

When it comes to knowing what you need to start a tech start-up, nothing is better than having first-hand knowledge. The best way to get this is through getting a degree, such as a master’s in computer science.

A degree such as this will allow you to work in a far more efficient way, especially when it comes to vital areas such as cybersecurity and data analysis, as well as knowing who to employ, attracting investors and talent, and potentially giving you a strong head start on all of your competition.

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