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‘Pilipinas, Tara Na’ Campaign by Summertime

‘Pilipinas, Tara Na’ Campaign by Summertime

Today, Philippines’ Department of Tourism (DoT), Smart and Perceptions, Inc. signed different Memorandum of Agreements for the Pilipinas, Tara Na! local campaign.

The logo created by Perceptions, Inc.

Any thoughts about the new local campaign of our Tourism Department?

'Pilipinas, Tara Na' Campaign by Summertime

'Pilipinas, Tara Na' Campaign by Summertime

With the help of singing sensation Charice and boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, the government is reviving a campaign that will entice more locals to travel around the Philippines.

On the sidelines of the opening of the 18th Travel Tour Expo 2011 on Friday, Tourism Secretary Alberto Lim told reporters that the government will launch by summertime the “Pilipinas, Tara Na” campaign, which will replace the previous “Tara, Biyahe Tayo.”

Lim said the Tourism Department intends to get Charice, Pacquiao, and other Filipino singers to participate in a music video that will be shown on television and social networking sites.

He said the private sector is urged to partly finance the government’s campaign, in line with the Aquino administration’s public-private partnership initiative.

The Tourism Department is expecting 25 million Filipinos to travel locally this year, up from 23 million last year, the department head said.

‘Pilipinas, Tara Na’ Campaign by Summertime

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