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Google: Angry Birds, Black Swan top Halloween Costume

Google: Angry Birds, Black Swan top Halloween Costume

According to Google, Angry Birds has been the most popular Halloween costume search up until this month. The game is now facing another feathered adversary.

The company shared these hard-hitting insights today, explaining the bird-brained nature of this years Halloween trends:

This year seems to be about the battle of the birds. Searches for [angry birds costume], based on the game phenomenon that has so many of us addicted, have been steadily rising in 2011, and we’re seeing 10 times more search volume this year than last. But as of mid-October, the Angry Birds were overtaken in search by [black swan costume]. The Darren Aronofsky ballet drama seems poised to be the most popular costume idea by All Hallows Eve, with related searches for everything from [black tutu] to [black corset]. Some are even looking to be the alter ego [white swan].

Google: Angry Birds, Black Swan top Halloween Costume

“In terms of get-ups actually intended for canines, Ewoks and dinosaurs are the fastest-rising related searches. But two of the top five rising searches in 2011 related to [dog costume] are a little quirkier: at least a few people out there may dress up as the eponymous character from FX’s ‘Wilfred’ show, about a dog, and a man who sees the dog as a man dressed in a dog suit. Kinda meta,” it said.

Also, Google said searches for haunted house and pumpkin patch are both spiking right now, but there seems to be greater interest in spooky thrills than in finding that perfect pumpkin to carve.

In searches for candies, candy corn remains the undisputed king of people’s cravings.

“In the last 30 days, search volume is nearly twice as high for [candy corn] than for other candy choices,” it said.

Per capita, Alabama is searching the most for candy corn this year. Searches for Halloween sugar staples in the US for this year show:

    – Candy apples – Rhode Island
    – Gummy worms – Wisconsin
    – Kosher candy – New York
    – Sugar-free candy – Kentucky
    – Gluten-free candy – Oregon
    – Candy bars – Utah
    – Organic candy – Colorado

“Over the last 30 days, there is almost two and a half times more search volume for [candy] than for [apples]. The classic game of bobbing for apples, however, it still going strong, spiking dependably every October,” Google said

Google: Angry Birds, Black Swan top Halloween Costume

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