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Globe implements Share-A-Load validation message to help curb text scams

Globe Telecom implemented this week a new process where customers doing Share-A-Load transaction will be sent a validation text message.

Customers doing a Share-A-Load or a Share-A-Promo transaction will be asked to confirm their transactions. The step is intended to address proliferation of text scams that trick customers into doing Share-A-Load transaction without their knowledge.

The validation message reads as follows: “You are about to share PXXX load with 0916XXXXXXX. Reply YES within 5 minutes to proceed. P1/transaction. Report text scams to www.globe.com.ph/stopspam.”The validation message would come from 2652xxxxxxxxx where the last 9 digits are the transaction number. Replying to the message is free of charge. On the other hand, customers who fail to reply within 5 minutes will receive the following message: “We’re sorry, but your Share-A-Load/Promo transaction has been cancelled because the response time exceeded 5 minutes. Please try again. Thanks!”

“We want to continuously protect our customers against these scams. By putting in place this additional measure, we would help prevent our customers from unwittingly undertaking Share-A-Load transactions,” said YolyCrisanto, Globe Senior Vice-President for Corporate Communications. She noted that even with widespread communication efforts, some customers are still unaware that by adding the number “2” before the 10-digit mobile number of the recipient, they are actually doing aShare-A-Load transaction.

Last month, Globe reduced the amount of Share-A-Load transaction to a maximum of P150 for prepaid customers and P300 for postpaid customers to counter text scams asking for P500 Share-A-Load transactions. Text scam messages are varying everyday using spiels like rewards, loyalty, MSF discount, roaming and bill overcharge, waiver of charges, refunds, etc.

Crisanto also urged Globe customers to immediately report thru http://www.globe.com.ph/stopspam and provide all the details required. Numbers that are reported as source of text scams will be immediately blocked from the network.Following the telecommunication company’s intensified efforts to combat text spams and text scams early this year, the number of reports using the website has reached over 42,000 since it was created in June 2014.

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