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Philanthropist Ehsan Bayat

Brilliant and successful businessmen and women do their best to alleviate suffering around the world. In places where war and climate change cause the population to have few medical facilities, poor schools and undeveloped resources, businessmen like philanthropist Ehsan Bayat have done a lot to help people have the basic necessities and more to gain social justice and economic prosperity.

For example, oil drilling and exploration are giving Afghanistan the opportunity to develop its hydrocarbon industry well into the future. The prodigious supply of natural gas will contribute to the improvement of the country’s economy with local and international sales. This would lead to a new pipeline that could connect the Turkmen pipeline system to systems in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

Educational initiatives are also making it possible for Afghani orphans and refugees to receive a formal education for the first time. This is monumental because constant war in this country has prevented an entire generation from developing life skills such as critical reasoning, reading, taking responsibility and establishing a physically and socially healthy lifestyle. Today, 500 students attend the Faryab Orphanage and Learning Center in the Maimana Province and in the Tahya Maskan Orphanage and Learning Center in Kabul. Several schools that were destroyed during the war have been rebuilt to be safe and modern.

Communications is another area where philanthropy is making a big difference in Afghanistan. Up to 80 percent of Afghans will have the opportunity to stay connected via wireless technology with their families and friends throughout the country and beyond for low, affordable prices.

To take advantage of these new opportunities, though, children must be provided with adequate nutrition. Nonprofit foundations are providing hundreds of thousands of meals for children in Afghanistan. Malnutrition is still a serious issue in the country because political turmoil has limited food and medical supplies for most of the rural population. This is why foundations have volunteers who package food for delivery to hungry children. In addition, many public health programs are being offered to save lives throughout Afghanistan that help women and children in under-served areas.

Many children and their mothers require quality medical attention before they can take advantage of the education and food programs offered to enrich their lives. Philanthropic foundations have financially supported several hospitals and built and funded a children’s ICU unit. There are also public health programs throughout Afghanistan that help women and children in under-served areas. These programs and facilities are state-of-the-art innovations and are providing effective health care that will save lives.

Philanthropic foundations provide funding as well as services to organizations providing services in Afghanistan. Access to water, medical care, education and women’s rights are just a few of the types of issues addressed by these organizations. In order for their missions to be effective, charity leaders learn about how to raise funds and the efficient and ethical disbursement of aid. For example, there are online courses that introduce young people to the financial, social and technical challenges of philanthropy.

After constructing orphanages, medical facilities, schools, water wells and maternity hospitals, philanthropists use social media outlets to promote awareness and rally support. They post photos of Afghans receiving care and services to illustrate the good they are doing.

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