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How the Cloud Has Changed the Tech Industry

What entrepreneurs like Carl Freer and others who have made their way in the tech industry will tell you is that a lot of being successful has to do with being one step ahead of everyone else. You need to try to predict what is coming next, and you need to be there before everyone else so that you can capitalize on any developments while your competition is simply realizing where the industry has gone. Of course, this does not mean blindly predicting the next steps based on what you hope will happen but refers more to the process of looking at the current trends and determining where they are going to lead.

One way this has happened lately is related to cloud computing systems that are now being used by both businesses and individuals. Many of the newest companies to get into this industry are those that deal with the cloud in one way or another, so this technology has spawned the need among many entrepreneurs. While some may consider it to be something very new, there are many people who will tell you that they saw it coming 10 or 20 years ago. With something this revolutionary, how is this possible?

The answer lies in the direction that the Internet has always been moving. In its earliest form, the Internet was simply a way for people to communicate and exchange information over long distances. This began, to a large degree, with military operations, but it grew quickly because there were many civilian applications as well. Thus, the modern Internet was born.

However, one of the main drawbacks to the system was that both parties had to be online in order to transfer information back and forth. This can be seen in some of the early peer-to-peer (P2P) networks that were used to pass along music files. The person who had the file needed to be online so that the person who was receiving it could download it. If either party broke the connection, the transfer would not go through.

The natural solution to this problem was the cloud. Using it, people could upload information that would then be held on servers that could be accessed by other people at any time. That is the first way that the cloud has changed the tech industry. No longer do people have to wait until the other party is online to make use of information. They can download it and view it at any time as long as they have the right passwords and other such information. This is also why the cloud is great for storing and protecting data; even if the original computer is destroyed in some fashion, the files remain online.

The second way that this technology has changed the industry, especially for entrepreneurs, is it has created the need for more security companies, software programs, encryption programs and businesses of this nature. Since files are stored online, they are more accessible than before, but they are also more vulnerable than ever. Not only are many new companies giving people the access that they want to the cloud, but many others are offering to help protect their files. As the cloud evolves, new services — and, therefore, brand-new companies — will be required.

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