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Six Tips All Forklift Operators Should Follow

Many people played with a toy forklift when they were younger, but that experience is completely different from experience you get from the real thing. Forklifts make work so much easier. When used correctly, they can complete the work that would require a lot of time and people. Unfortunately, forklifts that are placed in the wrong hands can be dangerous. Following these six tips will help everyone that operates a forklift avoid unfortunate mishaps.

Qualified Forklift Operators
Forklifts may seem like they are fun and easy to operate, but nothing is further from the truth. Operating a forklift, workshop cranes and other heavy machinery require a significant amount of training and a license. These types of machines when placed in the hands of an untrained operator could result in a tragic accident.

Assess Your Equipment Before Using
All forklifts need to be examined before they are used. Safety is an important concern when using this type of equipment. Check to make sure everything is functioning properly. Test the brakes, all safety features, the tires and steering. A thorough evaluation should occur for all heavy machinery, including electric chain hoists.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings
Anyone who operates heavy machinery needs to be aware of their environment while using the machine. Only operate forklifts in designated areas and follow all signs. Having an awareness of the surroundings will help to prevent any tragic incidents from occurring. Again, forklifts, jib cranes and other types of machinery can carry heavy loads. It is important to keep safety in mind during their operation.

Make Sure the Load is Stable
The safe operation of any type of machine that lifts heavy objects involves making sure that each load is secured properly. If the machine has a specified load weight limit, do not exceed it. Also, make sure that anything that is being lifted and moved is secured using bindings or rope.

Maintain A Clear View At All Times
You need to be able to see what you are doing at all times. It is hard to safely operate slewing jib cranes and forklifts when you cannot clearly see what is happening. There is nothing wrong with positioning yourself in a manner where you will not have an obstructed view. If you are driving a forklift and cannot see, drive it backwards. It is important to note that you should drive facing forward when you are on a ramp.

Post Operation
It is important to take care of your equipment when it is not in use. Proper care and maintenance involves making sure that the safety features, breaking system and other components work. If you are using a forklift, make sure the forks are lowered, the parking brake is secure and the keys are removed.

Forklifts are fun to play with as a child, but real ones are not play toys. They are fun to use, but should be operated with extreme care. Prolift Solutions has forklifts, concrete kibbles and other items. To find out more about Prolift and their product selection, visit www.prolift.com.au.


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