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What To Do If You Are Trapped In a Tight Space

What To Do If You Are Trapped In a Tight Space

If you work in a profession that has you laboring in a confined space, there is the risk that you might be trapped there. Keeping your composure while staying safe is crucial in this moment. Here are a few things to do if you are in this position. 

Be Prepared

If your employment requires you to work in this atmosphere, you should be educated in confined space rescue training. You should also have equipment on hand to protect yourself on the job. You will need to have a breathing apparatus in the event that the air quality is poor or there is a toxic gas in the space. You also should shut off any electricity to prevent being electrocuted if you come in contact. Be aware of slick surfaces or items that could fall and hurt you. 

Heat Exhaustion

When working in a confined area, air has an issue circulating in the space. This can cause you to get too hot which leads to heat exhaustion. If you get a headache, are dizzy, feel confused, or are nauseated, you should get out of the area and try to cool down. If your skin is red and dry or you nearly lose consciousness, you should get medical attention. To avoid this, wear light, loose clothing, drink plenty of water frequently, and work with a partner so you can take care of each other. 

Before You Start To Work 

Take precautions before you enter the tight space to begin working. Examine the area the best you can and eliminate any item that might cause a problem. Set up and initiate forced air into the confined space so you can breathe better. Gather and put on any breathing apparatus or PPE that will also protect you from the lack of air. Find a couple other employees, including a supervisor, to help you with this task.

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