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The Best Cities to Live in Your 30s

The Best Cities to Live in Your 30s

As you venture out into your life as a thirty-something, you have so many more opportunities to embrace adulthood. You may be considering taking the next leap and moving to another city. As you look to make your next move, consider these amazing places that are perfect for those in their thirties.

New York City, NY

There is nothing like the hustle and bustle of New York. Consider a studio apartment in east side Manhattan that is ideally situated near some of the best restaurants, museums, parks, and sites in the world. This is the perfect place to explore adulthood and truly live your best life. If you enjoy the northeastern pace and busyness, then this could be the perfect fit for you.

Austin, TX

Austin, TX has the perfect atmosphere for someone who loves the busyness of a major city, but the charm of the south. Immersed in a great deal of culture and history, this city has so much to offer to someone looking to set up shop down south. Recently acknowledged as one of the best cities to live in in the country, Austin is becoming a major hot spot for music, food and entrepreneurs.

Denver, CO

Denver is another metropolitan area that has sprung up as a new city hotspot to settle down and start another chapter. This thriving community offers amazing connections, sporting opportunities and a thriving business community. With its recent growth, it is truly sprouting into an up and coming area to watch, especially for those in their thirties.

These three cities are all known for different fascinating features, but they don’t always receive the accolades and reputation that they deserve. They offer a metropolitan feel with a unique experience that can only be found in this area. As you look to set down roots and start the next chapter of your life, consider these amazing opportunities and you will be sure to set off on your next adventure.

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