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Vhong Navarro Faces Third Rape Complaint

A third rape complaint has been filed against TV host-actor Vhong Navarro, this time by a stuntwoman who once worked with him.


The report says that the complainant accuses Vhong of “forcing her to do oral sex” on him.

‘Dapat makatikim ng tunay na lalaki’

In her 4-page affidavit, the complainant said that Vhong allegedly asked her to enter a sports utility vehicle, where the rape was supposed to have happened, during a break in the taping of telenovela “I Love Betty La Fea” in 2009.

“When we were both inside the SUV, Vhong told me something like, ‘Ang ganda ganda mong tibo. Dapat makatikim ka ng tunay na lalaki para di ka na maghanap ng babae,’” the complainant was quoted saying.

The complainant also accused Vhong of “forcing to insert his finger in her genitalia.”


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