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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Lottery Numbers

In the world of big-stakes lottery competitions, it’s a common misconception that every number has an equal chance of winning. Here are four tips for beating the system and walking away with the jackpot.

1: Study Frequency Charts

Frequency charts are a list of every winning lottery number and how often they’ve been drawn in the history of the program. For example, two and four may be picked twice as often as nine. These numbers are as close as you’ll get to a sure thing in a game of chance.

2: Pick A Strategy

Once you’ve analyzed your frequency charts, decide how you’re going to use them. Do you want to play the most popular numbers for the biggest chance of winning? Or do you want to go the other way and play the least-common numbers of hopes of snagging the jackpot and not having to share it with other like-minded winners?

3: Avoid Consecutive Numbers

Very rarely does a lottery have winning numbers of, say, 1-2-3-4-5, yet it’s still one of the most commonly picked combinations. Think of it this way: Even if the miraculous happens and those numbers do win big, you’ll have to split the winnings with a sizable portion of people who did the same thing.

4: Use Your Lucky Numbers

If all else fails, go back to your old standby of choosing lucky numbers and hoping for the best. Several winners have confessed to using this method, so there must be something there, right?

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