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Top 10 Billionaires in the World 2011

Top 10 Billionaires in the World 2011

Not everyone is suffering from the economic collapse. The total number of billionaires increased from 793 (year 2010) to 1,210 (year 2011) in one year. “The 2011 Billionaires List breaks two records: total number of listees (1,210) and combined wealth ($4.5 trillion).” according to Forbes.

“This horde surpasses the gross domestic product of Germany, one of only six nations to have fewer billionaires this year. BRICs led the way: Brazil, Russia, India and China produced 108 of the 214 new names. These four nations are home to one in four members, up from one in 10 five years ago. Before this year only the U.S. had ever produced more than 100 billionaires. China now has 115 and Russia 101.”


Here are the top ten richest people in the world.

1. No. 1 Carlos Slim Helú & family

Net Worth: $74 billion ↑
Source: Telecom
Citizenship: Mexico

Photo: Chris Goodney/Bloomberg via Getty Images

No. 2 Bill Gates

Net Worth: $56 billion ↑
Source: Microsoft
Citizenship: U.S.

Photo: Jin Lee/Bloomberg via Getty Images

No. 3 Warren Buffett

Net Worth: $50 billion ↑
Source: Berkshire Hathaway
Citizenship: U.S.

Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

No. 4 Bernard Arnault

Net Worth: $41 billion ↑
Source: LVMH
Citizenship: France

Photo: Eric Piermont/AFP/Getty Images

No. 5 Larry Ellison

Net Worth: $39.5 billion ↑
Source: Oracle
Citizenship: U.S.

Photo: ZUMA Press/Newscom

No. 6 Lakshmi Mittal

Net Worth: $31.1 billion ↑
Source: Steel
Citizenship: India

Photo: Lefteris Pitarakis/AP Photo

No. 7 Amancio Ortega

Net Worth: $31 billion ↑
Source: Zara
Citizenship: Spain

Photo: Cabalar/EFE/Newscom

No. 8 Eike Batista

Net Worth: $30 billion ↑
Source: Mining, oil
Citizenship: Brazil

Photo: Newscom

No. 9 Mukesh Ambani

Net Worth: $27 billion ↓
Source: Petrochemicals
Citizenship: India

Photo: Rajanish Kakade/AP Photo

No. 10 Christy Walton & family

Net Worth: $26.5 billion ↑
Source: Wal-Mart
Citizenship: U.S.

Photo: L. Matthew Bowler

Top 10 Billionaires in the World 2011

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