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How Do I Recover Deleted Files & Folders

There are times in our lives when we need our lost stuff back and those times become even more stressful and disappointing when we learn that we are not able to get the stuff back. In this technological age, our most important stuff is our data. To manage that valuable data and files of all kind, there are several data management software available in the market but what happens when you lose that blue-chip data like; your work related drafts, your wedding pictures, and if you are an aspiring entrepreneur it could be your 200 pages business plan or investment pitch? You are totally doomed!

Worry no more, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is here to get you out of your misery, for free. No matter if you formatted a drive without backing it up or a virus/bad sector messed up with your data or you accidentally deleted the files yourself (or somebody else just did this unfortunate favor upon you.) Your best friend in that time would be EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard because this wizard is the best data recovery software that will help you recover your lost data with so many magnificent options and from majority of storage devices such as; your hard drive (internal or external), USB drive, memory card, mobile phone, server, digital camera, and music player. Older solutions of this data loss problem were highly difficult to use and had unfriendly interfaces. But with this solution from EaseUS, you are able to recover your lost data in three simple steps with amazingly beautiful and fabulously friendly interface.

What You Can Recover With EaseUS?

Cnet.com rated EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard as “Excellent” and Jesus Vigo from TechRepublic said, “geared mainly toward recovering from accidental file deletions or disk formats, EaseUS’ product also includes support for data corruption brought about by unexpected crashes or loss of power.” There is no doubt why they loved the solution from EaseUS. Besides being the simplest and offering an easy to use interface, the magic of this wizard is that it can help you recover different kinds of data after you lose it completely (even after emptying your recycle bin as well.) Also you can recover all kinds of data in any format instantly with no hassle at all. Following are the data formats you can recover with EaseUs:

  • Pictures.
  • Videos.
  • Audio files.
  • Emails.
  • Documents.

Why EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Is The Best Choice?

The first thing that make EaseUS’ software a must-have is that it offers recovery from a vast majority of storage mediums such as; partition recovery, hard drive recovery, removable drive recovery and recovery many other storage devices. Some users lost their data while upgrading to Microsoft Windows 10, EaseUS helped them with recovery by offering a free Windows 10 data recovery software and if this recently happened to you, here is how you can get your data back in Windows 10 for free. Also in the third step of recovery, this free data recovery software provides two advancing scanning modes; a) a quick scan that will find your deleted files, and b) a deep scan that finds formatted, inaccessible or lost files from your drive or any other storage device. Another innovative feature is that the results of this scan gives you a preview of all your lost data and then you are able to choose what to recover and what not; this is a life-bettering and time-saving feature which is highly important for power users. You can also pause the scan at any time and continue later as well as save and import the scanning results for performing another recovery which eliminates the hassle of scanning again totally. Regarding safety, EaseUS is the safest recovery solution which will never hurt or overwrite your data or cause any damage to your devices which makes it a truly remarkable innovation in the history of recovery solutions. If you want to get EaseUS’ recovery software now for free simply go here and download it for Windows or Mac as it works smoothly with both the operating systems.

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