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Rearranging the Office Chairs in the New World of Technology

Office furniture used to be the main way to impress visitors back in the conspicuous consumption days of the 1980s. Today, visitors are more likely to be impressed with your office technology. Get used office file cabinets, desks and chairs, and put your money into things that your customers will notice.

Wider is Better

Monitors that are in view of your customers should be widescreen, if only to avoid looking like they’re ten years out of date. If the information on the monitors is actually seen and used by your customers, it’s important to have modern HDMI connections, not fuzzy old VGA ones. Consider the newest ultra-wide monitors that take the place of two or more monitors. This will minimize the clutter of cable runs and monitor stands on your desk (and impress your customers).

Speed It Up

It’s a turn-off when your customer service reps give the traditional greeting “sorry, my computer is slow today.” Your best systems aren’t just needed by your artists and engineers; they’re needed for anyone who works with your customers. Give your agents systems that will get their customers’ tasks completed quickly so they can move on to the next one.

See It in Color

It’s time to retire that fuzzy old dot-matrix or inkjet printer, even if it makes fun noises as your employees and customers wait for it to finish. Laser printers are more economical to operate in the long run, and with the cost of color desktop models going down every year, it’s time to consider those instead of making them trot down the hall to the big multi-function machine in accounting. This leaves your customers unattended and wondering if they should go somewhere else.

The computer equipment in your front office should be your latest and greatest. Your staff will thank you, and your customers will see you as a firm on the cutting edge.

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