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How To Limit Data Usage In Your Galaxy S3

We can see that the days of unlimited data plans are coming to an end if we analyze the trend in the market. Most network providers are increasing the rates telling the bandwidth usage in their network is too high. Here are some tips which will help you reduce the data usage and keep your bills to minimum.


Turnoff Data usage when not in use

Don’t forget to turnoff the data traffic when not in use or on roaming. You may not be using internet while going for jogging, driving, being at your office etc, but if you didn’t turn off the data there may be background transfers going on which could eat up your data plan. Always it is good to switch to a WiFi hotspot if available, to save your data plan.


Turn off applications that update automatically

Turn off applications such as Facebook, Twitter and other apps when you are not using them to avoid automatic updating. This will considerably reduce your data usage.


Adjust Browser

It is wise to use Operamini since it compresses the websites and images, thereby less bandwidth is utilized which enables the site to load at a higher speed.. The user can decide how much the site should be compressed by going to settings option. Unchecking “flash usage” in browser settings will also help in saving your data plan.


Use Wifi for updating apps and streaming

Update your apps only when you are on Wifi. In Google play settings, enable “update over WiFi only” to prevent apps from frequent updating and consuming the data. Similarly use streaming only when you are on WiFi since streaming videos and music will consume your bandwidth easily.

Monitor Background data transfer

Even If you are taking all the precautions mentioned, there may be apps that are silently chewing up on your data limit. To monitor this you just need to download data monitor apps such as “My data Manager”, “Netcounter” etc. My data manager tells you how much data is being used by each app in your phone and if you find any app using data at an undesirable rate, check whether it is running in the background and disable it. The Netcounter app features similarly to view the data usage and in as well as you can set to give alerts at specific intervals.


This post has been written by Mary Robertta, an outreach consultant at Casemate UK. Do feel free to checkout Samsung Galaxy S3 mini Tough case from Case-Mate to protect your device.

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