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Introducing iMoney Philippines promoting awareness on Personal Finance for Filipinos

One of South East Asia’s fastest-growing financial comparison websites, iMoney, has officially
arrived in the Philippines with the launch of http://www.imoney.ph, Philippines’ version of its
FREE consumer financial portal.

The new portal, named iMoney Philippines, is accessible with immediate effect by all members
of the public who wish to compare the latest financial information, such as interest rates and
loan charges, offered by major banks and insurance entities of the country. Usage of iMoney
Philippines does not involve account creation or ID log-in, and is totally free of charge for

Established since 2012, iMoney started out as a simple bank comparison website in Malaysia
and ended up striking a chord with tens of thousands of online users throughout South East
Asia — a key factor driving its rapid expansion across the region. Today, iMoney is available in
Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines, with expansions into other regional
countries already in the pipeline.

iMoney CEO and co-founder, Ching Wei Lee, said, “iMoney was created with a simple objective,
and that is to simplify financial matters for the consumers.”

“Traditionally, consumers have often been at the losing end in a typical bank-consumer
relationship,” Ching explained. “Whether to attain information or to apply for a financial
product such as a bank loan; the consumers are the ones who have to maneuver past heavy
traffic and wait for hours at a branch… wasting precious time and resources in the process.”
“With iMoney, consumers now have a platform where the most up-to-the-minute info on
financial products can be collectively accessed instantaneously over the Internet,” Ching added.
“Best of all, selected bank products and services can even be applied directly via iMoney at
absolutely no cost to the applicants.”

iMoney, which uses earnings from onsite advertisingand referral fees to fund its free services
to the public, is currently one of the fastest growing financial portals in South East Asia.
iMoney Malaysia — the pioneering website which forms the basis of all subsequent iMoney
portals in Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines— now serves an average of 120,000 visitors
and sees approximately USD40 million worth of banking productstransacted over its website
every month. The site boasts a monthly visitor growth rate of 30%.

Earlier this year, iMoney had also captured the attention of the region’s financial sector when it
received funding of USD167,000 and USD500,000 from Malaysian grant agency Cradle Fund Sdn
Bhd and established investment entity Asia Venture Group respectively to fund its expansion
endeavors across the region.

For iMoney Philippines, users can now expect to enjoy features that include free comparison
services for Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Mortgage Loans, Savings Accounts, Time Deposits
and Travel Insurancesoffered by major banks and insurance entities of the Philippines; as well
as a Resource Library offering free financial information and tips for anything from how to get a
Student Loan in Philippines to money-saving tips targeted specifically for Filipinos, which is
available in both Filipino and English.

iMoney Philippines is brought to you by IntelligentMoney Sdn Bhd (“iMoney”), an independent,
financial service company that helps consumers in South East Asia compare and apply for
financial products via its free financial comparison websites. For more information, visit
www.iMoney.phor direct any enquiries to: hello@imoney.ph.

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