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Interconnection issues: Globe refuses PLDT

Globe stated that the interconnection problems in North Luzon were caused by faulty signaling links of PLDT and not by a fiber cut as PLDT would like the public to believe.


“Here they go again. This is a classic PLDT, refusing to admit that there is something wrong with their network. More than this, there are several inaccuracies in their statement,” said Yoly Crisanto, head of corporate communications of Globe Telecom.

To reiterate, the North Luzon outages started as early as February 25 which Globe reported to PLDT. The initial investigation showed that there was a problem with the signaling link specifically in Bulacan at the time and that the PLDT team had given its advise that it would perform a reset of the signaling links. The next day February 26, the problem has spread to 5 other areas in Northern Luzon.

Even as Globe experienced a fiber cut in San Juan, Metro Manila in the late afternoon of February 27, it had nothing to do with the North Luzon outages. At the time of the fiber cut, the outage in North Luzon has been ongoing for 3 days.

Crisanto said that,

“By design, the network is protected by redundancies to support subscribers during these times and minimize any adverse impact.” Globe restored the fiber cut on the morning of February 28. However, upon further investigation, Globe was able to determine that the fiber cut in San Juan was an intentional one and not by accident.

Crisanto added, “It is also interesting to note that Globe got a call from PLDT, who first inquired about the fiber cut on the evening of February 27.”

In their statement, PLDT said that their “engineers had determined through their technical tests that Globe had indeed suffered a FOC break in San Juan, Metro Manila”. As to how PLDT can conduct a “technical” test on the Globe network and determine the precise location of the FOC break is truly unbelievable.

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