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How Fleet Management Will Impact the Mobility Revolution

Fleet management solutions have greatly impacted the transportation industry in so many positive ways. They have significantly reduced the cost of running and maintaining fleet vehicles through optimal routing, responsible driving, efficient fuel consumption, and reduced traffic crashes, which have dramatically decreased injuries and fatalities as well as saved on insurance costs. Also, fleet management has revolutionized service delivery by enabling customers to keep in touch with their delivery vehicles, thus allowing them to feel that they are in control. It has also enabled the timely delivery of merchandise, thus building great customer loyalty.

Moreover, the installation of such technologies as GPS tracking devices and cameras that can relay real-time information—along with other innovations—has made it possible to monitor the vehicle’s whereabouts and trace them in case of theft. Drivers’ behavior can also be closely monitored to ensure responsible driving, adherence to working hours and route plans, and other things. Other technologies like entertainment systems and onboard Wi-Fi have made customers enjoy their trips while onboard passenger vehicles. There are several options for installing Wi-Fi on passenger vehicles, one of them being to install a Wi-Fi router in the vehicle itself. You can check more about bus wi-fi routers here to see how you can give your clients a whole new experience while traveling on your passenger buses. This will indeed advance your business to the next level.

Mobility revolution

There has been a shift from personal ownership of modes of transportation to the concept of having mobility solutions offered by both public and private entities as services to be consumed by clients. This has seen the emergence of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), which involves combining transportation services through an integrated gateway involved with the creation and management of trips, and users can pay for them using a single account. The adoption of MaaS is being boosted by innovations such as ride-sharing services, e-hailing services, car sharing services, and others.

Fleet management will help mobility companies to control costs

In a significant way, mobility fleet owners and managers need the fleet management services to keep operational costs in check. Fleet management companies will come in handy to gather and manage all the relevant data on things such as expenses for the trips and so on, and provide actionable recommendations. The recommendations will be inclined towards cost-saving and efficient ways to improve the operations. These are some of the most crucial needs for mobility service providers. Also, data accessibility made possible by fleet management solutions providers as well as access to the appropriate technology will also enable ride-hailing and car sharing fleets to operate efficiently, thereby increasing revenues for fleets.

Fleet management will help in proper vehicle maintenance

The challenge posed by the fact that there is no one driver for a specific vehicle and the high utilization of mobility fleet vehicles creates a need for proper monitoring of vehicle servicing records and having mobile vehicle servicing solutions. Fleet management can step in to ensure the vehicles have well updated electronic or online service records. They also offer services like mobile vehicle servicing platforms, which would remarkably help not only the mobility fleets but also the traditional logistic businesses as well.


In the same way fleet management companies have been instrumental in assisting companies to achieve the lowest practical total cost of ownership (TCO), the expectations are that they will come in handy in the realization of the lowest total cost of mobility (TCM). The fleet management has a big part to play in the mobility revolution and will certainly help to mold it until it assumes its best shape.

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