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Get An Accurate Diagnosis With These Medical Imaging Services

Medical imaging is a procedure that plays a big role in diagnosing an injury or illness. It is important to schedule the right type of exam so you receive an accurate diagnosis. The following diagnostic imaging services are offered at most medical facilities and hospitals.

Open MRI: You can schedule an open MRI to diagnose an injury, cyst or tumor. It is also used to diagnose an abnormality of the brain or spinal cord. The open machine is designed to calm your mind if you suffer from anxiety or claustrophobia. You do not have to worry about feeling uncomfortable because there are not any sides to make you feel closed in. The open design also gives you freedom to lie in a more comfortable position.

High Resolution Ultrasound: The ultrasound allows your physician to check the soft tissues and organs such as the heart, abdomen, gallbladder, liver and kidney. It transmits inaudible sound waves through the tissues using a transducer, and the waves provide information on that specific tissue or organ. Your physician uses this information to diagnose a disease or another health condition.

16-Slice CT Scan: You may need a 16-slice CT scan to check out areas such as the arm, leg, chest, spleen and urinary tract. The scan is also used to check out the bones and spinal cord. It uses a computer and x-ray sensing unit to record images of the soft tissues, organs and bones. The 16-slice CT scan uses low-dose imaging to minimize the time and exposure while recording high quality images.

Digital X-Ray: A digital x-ray is usually used to investigate bone fractures, abdominal pain and joint injuries or infections. It is also used to locate foreign objects in the soft tissue so your physician can figure out the next step. This quick procedure only takes up to 30 minutes, and all you have to do is lie on the exam table or stand near the cassette holder. A digital x-ray is painless and uses a low dose of radiation. The images can be edited for a more accurate reading.

Your physician will let you know which medical imaging procedure is needed to diagnose your injury or illness. You do not have to worry about any pain or too much radiation during the exam, and the staff will be on-hand to ensure you are comfortable during the procedure.

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