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Reinventing a Wardrobe for Spring: A Man’s Guide

Spring is finally here, the nights are getting longer, and the warm weather is fast approaching, presenting the perfect opportunity to reinvent our wardrobes. Even if you’ve still got your clothes from last year, it’s always a good idea to breathe some fresh new looks into your life. However, deciding what to wear can be challenging, which is why we’ve put together the following overview. 


If you love a good pair of boots, you’ve most likely been wearing them all winter, so why not consider a change now that spring is upon us? Perhaps you’ve been wearing a dark pair of Chelsea boots but they don’t quite complement your spring fit; if so, simply invest in a light pair of boots. To check out a stylish range, head over to burrowsandhare.co.uk.

Spring Shirts and Trousers

Spring is the time of year to start introducing that much-needed colour to your wardrobe, so consider investing in a few new shirts. As you’re trying to reinvent your look here, begin by searching for colours that sit outside of your comfort zone. For example, if you’re not used to wearing pink, then experiment with different shades and patterns, but be careful if you’ve got a red complexion.

Springtime still sees the odd cold snap sent by winter, so it’s not the right time to go full lightweight with your trousers. Therefore, opt for materials like brushed cotton, which will look great and trap in the warm air. 

Lightweight Jackets 

Dressing for spring is challenging because it can still bring cool weather and rain, so you should keep a lightweight jacket around. When it comes to materials, suede is always a great choice, and you’ll receive plenty of compliments. 

Slim Wallets

If you carry a bifold wallet, that’s great, but they soon become too bulky for the spring weather because you won’t be wearing your jacket too much. Therefore, opt for a slimmer wallet that will easily blend into your new spring jeans. Even though you’re losing space in the wallet, it’s not too much of an issue today, as the majority of spending can be done on a card. 

Messenger Bags

If a wallet isn’t enough space to carry around all of the essentials, there’s no problem with buying a lightweight man bag. When running errands in spring, a waterproof and lightweight messenger bag will do the trick. However, you’re not looking for a handbag, so look for dark-coloured canvas bags with leather access. If the hardware is oversized, the bag will look even more rugged. 


There’s nothing worse than wearing the same shades over again, as you’ll start to stand out in a sea of trend followers. Therefore, take this opportunity to break the cycle and treat yourself to some trendy sunglasses. In 2023, the classic aviator-style shades are coming back into style, but don’t be afraid to play around with frame colour. 

Reinventing your wardrobe for spring means letting colours in and stepping outside of your comfort zone, even if that just means a different style of pattern.  

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