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One of a Kind: What Makes for Exclusive Gifts in Jewellery?

We live in a time when almost everything is mass produced, jewellery included. Admittedly, mass production in agriculture, food, and electronics is of the utmost importance, but can the same be said about some of the nonessential, but finer lifestyle products such as jewellery, and wristwatches?

Why is Exclusivity So Important?

A valid argument can be made in favour of the fact that mass production allows jewellers to create and sell affordable jewellery for the masses. On the other hand, if a gift is meant to commemorate a special occasion, date, event, or anniversary, you need to steer away from the mass produced, generic options.

What you need is personalised, unique jewellery of a bespoke design. Depending on the craftsmanship and your own choices, a custom jewellery piece can truly be made far more valuable for the recipient than just the immediate price tag. As to how you can do that, take a quick look through the following suggestions.

The Personalisation Process

Since we are discussing personalised jewellery, your jeweller should listen intently to what you need them to create. Note that they will not be expecting any set of technical instructions, but they will want to hear your story. For example, these bespoke jewellers Hertford residents rely on for exclusive pieces, have their own, very detailed and specific personalisation process. After you tell your story and convey your requirements directly to the bespoke jewellery designer, they will work with you until you are satisfied with the final 3D design.

The Exclusivity of Expert Craftsmanship

While any decent jewellery maker can create generic jewellery of moderate quality, crafting bespoke pieces in selected, custom designs is neither a quick nor an easy process. It requires the deft touch of experienced and talented jewellery makers. In fact, even the same exact design supplied to two separate jewellers will produce slightly or vastly different results.

The results may vastly differ in their quality if there is indeed a noticeable difference in talent between the two jewellery makers. However, even if both pieces were created by master craftsmen, each piece would still be unique because of their respective, signature style.

The Chosen Gems

In the same way that no two handcrafted jewelleries are the exact same, nature herself is not fond of creating duplicate gems either. Unfortunately, that difference between most of them is quite difficult to determine without close scrutiny, that is unless the stones are exceptional. Exceptionally prominent/big/bright/vibrant precious gems (natural) are rare and they will inevitably be quite expensive. Therefore, if you want exclusive gems to adorn your gift, be prepared to pay a high premium.

As discussed above, there are other ways to ensure uniqueness and exclusivity of any piece, without going past the point of feasibility. However, if you are someone who can comfortably pay for those rarest of jewels to add even more aesthetic and exclusive appeal to the final piece, do consider options beyond traditional gems like clear diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. Instead, look at what the newer and rarer gems like taaffeite, Alexandrite, and musgravite may have to offer.

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