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Why is FIU blocking money in Seychelles ?

Why is FIU blocking money in Seychelles ?

“Why Is FIU blocking money in Seychelles?

The FIU is the Financial Investigative Unit. The Financial Investigative Unit has been swayed by popular decision in the last few months to block the money coming in Seychelles. There are people who are investing their money currently in Seychelles at this moment. However, this investment has become too high of a risk to be a good one for people to invest their money into. Since Seychelles is an overseas investment, the risks concerning investing your money there are already high, but the stakes become even higher than normal when the place is hugely made public by the media.

The investments that you make in Seychelles will not be guaranteed to go well, since laws change a lot over there, and the money laundering that went on was not transparent. This makes Seychelles not a prime place to invest your money. Right now, Seychelles may be reliable, but they are changing laws that will make it so that Seychelles investments will not be as secure as they once were in the past. Although this is a shame, things like this happen, and investors should be aware of events and changes such as these that happen in places such as Seychelles.”

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