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Cowhide Rugs: The Décor Game-Changer You Never Knew You Needed

Many people do not think to add cow hide when designing or redesigning a room, but let’s say you see a cowhide rug at a friend’s home. It immediately draws your eye. This material, you realize, adds a little je ne sais quoi to the space. You may suddenly think of your friend as more bold, sophisticated, and stylish due to their unique choice. This is in spite of the fact that it never occurred to you that cow hide could have that effect.

Even if you begin to appreciate the kind of charm and appeal cowhide rugs have for others, you may still be convinced that you simply don’t have the right kind of décor anywhere to incorporate one. But that’s one of the best worst-kept secrets of cowhide rugs! They are extremely versatile. They work in all kinds of diverse spaces and blend well with nearly every style.

With their natural look and free-form shape, they can bring an organic flair to more modern, straight-edged rooms. On the other hand, if you had a country or cabin home, a cowhide rug could add that perfect rustic touch. Similarly, these rugs can accentuate other looks whether you are going for something chic, boho, retro, or just cool.

How can cow hide achieve all this? For one thing, these rugs come in a variety of colors. The traditional black-and-white and brown-and-white versions are popular. The former could add a splash of color to an otherwise muted room while the latter might make other fun design pieces pop. More modern shades exist like the grey, which is great wherever neutral tones are needed.

This flexibility makes cowhide rugs suitable in not just a living room but in the home office, foyer, bedroom, or dining room. They work well as a stand-alone piece out in the middle of the space, but you can also place them under desks, coffee tables, or dinner tables and may have fun breaking design rules when doing so! Layer cow hide on other rugs to complement them and add coziness.

Additionally, cow hide is excellent for those high-traffic areas because it is durable to the point of being almost indestructible. You don’t have to worry about kids or dogs trampling all over it. Neither would walking across it every day going in and out the door be a concern. The natural material makes it low maintenance when it comes to messes as well, and it does not easily stain. Cowhide rugs are also hypo-allergenic! Thus, they are safe for all members of the family.

If you have never considered cowhide rugs before, maybe now is the time to start thinking about what they could do for you. That is, if you weren’t already imagining where one would look great in your home. Maybe next time, it can be you surprising and intriguing your guests with your eclectic tastes. At the very least, it is certainly worth checking out cowhide rugs for yourself now, isn’t it?

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