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Click Ready Marketing

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SEO Marketing Done Right

Welcome to Click Ready Marketing. If you are looking for ways to increase your online web presence and avenues for attract new prospects, than our agency may be the solution. We are recognized as a prominent SEO Marketing Company that specializes in helping small to mid-size businesses that need to compete for competitive keywords online. Our strategies involve a combination of on and off site activities designed to give our clients an extended “reach” to attract new prospective customers. Our pricing plans are very affordable in comparison to other reputable Atlanta SEO Companies. One of our claims to fame is that we rarely lose a client for any reason once they get started with us. We feel this is because of a combination of quality work and good communications with our customers.

Reasons to choose Click Ready Marketing includes our “market guarantee” where we commit to not working with our active clients competitors. Unlike a web designer that can take on multiple accounts that are competitors by simply altering the design of the websites they build, search marketing is different. We develop strategies for keyword rankings which convert to lead generation. For example, if we had two personal injury lawyers in Marietta, in essence we would be competing against ourselves for the same terms.

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As a mid-size agency with 60 clients, we are large enough to have the tools and experience needed to help get your business found on the internet. We are also small enough that we build relationships with our clients and really get to understand their businesses and how to add value through our service offerings.

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