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CFW ^ 3 Symbian v5.4 for Nokia 5800 and 5530

Here are the new features in v5.4 CFW

  • Lazaremos a private beta for users of the Nokia 5230 RM-594 (need beta-tester)
  • New interface for Symbian original mark ^ 3
  • Updated the email application
  • Latest version of Ovi Maps v3.06 (December 2010) built in 5800 and 5530
  • Active search for contacts from within marker
  • Based on the v20 of C6 and the Core V51 (5800) and v31 (5530)
  • Greatly increased speed in the interface.
  • V1.8 preinstalled Ovi and running.
  • Symbian Theme Default ^ 3 renovated with more transparency
  • Added the signal and battery bars on the main menu
  • All the icons in the interface have been renewed
  • Improvements in battery and the average temperature of the computer to use demanding applications.
  • Now if you added unlock Landscape mode
  • Speed improvements in Music Player and Picture Gallery.
  • Updated Java engine version
  • The Ovi Sync not present in this version
  • Not compatible with Nokia Messaging, or to update the music player v15
  • Many other changes

– Hold, over 4 days (Inactive)
– With normal use, 3 days (calls, text messages, music, WiFi)
– Heavy, 1 day (Playing, Photo, Explore 3G, GPS)


  • Interactive desktop with Widgets
  • Languages: English and RM-428 (Latin Spanish) RM-356 (Spanish Spain) RM-504 (Latin Spanish)
  • You can install anything you want without signing applications, or perform any process, no more expired license!
  • Integrated mail client with support for all your Hotmail, Gmail, Ovi, etc.
  • Unlock and release horizontal swipe added
  • New font much more modern and fitted with the new menu, the original source is huge !!!!!!!!
  • 4×4 menu reorganized and custom folders
  • Ovi integrated maps v3.06 with possible upgrade, available for everyone.
  • Sounds of the camera of the Nokia N8
  • Added 3 new widgets shortcuts so you can get full screen access.
  • 79 MB free internal memory and 59 MB free RAM
  • Clock Widget is now removable so you can remove it and have a Full Swipe
  • Removed the poster to show all applications running on the drop down menus
  • Bring Java applications all permissions enabled to avoid so many unnecessary requests
  • Fewer requests for applications WRT
  • You can send any file protected by Bluetooth, no more restrictions
  • Added new audio codecs for stereo sound better
  • Sound a lot stronger than the original firmware
  • Added SMS Conversations
  • In the Ovi mobile is identified as a Nokia N97 so have many more programs compatible
  • Auto rotate off the marker and calls for
  • Improved effects and without delay
  • Facebook added tactile equipment browser bookmarks
  • Gallery reconfigured to not read images in system folders
  • Dark S60 startup image and sound a bit low not to disturb
  • Removed some startup applications to have more free resources.
  • Browser Cache grown and moved to E

Before writing that there is an error, please check before you formatted flash external memory and I did a Hard reset (* # 7370 #) to your mobile, 99% of problems are solved as well.

What firmware version I have before installing this firmware?
You can have any previous version or equal to 51 for the 5800 and 5530 and 31 for the note to install the RM for your mobile.

If I do not like I can go back to the original older version or another CFW?
Yes, you can always put another CFW that is based on the V51 for 5800 and the v31 to 5530. Likewise, you can return to the original version in the same versions.

Do I have problems with the power strip, as I keep them before the upgrade and restore?

If you do a backup with the Ovi suite will have problems, so the process to follow to keep all your phone numbers is:
From your phone go to your address book, press Options, where it says you give DIAL-> Mark all. Then press Options again and give in the BUSINESS CARD COPY -> In another report, choose your external memory and ready.
Once you have your mobile with our CFW ^ 3 Symbian v5.2 installed so you just go to your address book again press Options, then BUSINESS CARD -> On the other memory and select your external memory. This method is not only much easier and faster but it also is much more complete because all pictures are saved contact and everything is done from the same phone.

Did not you detect my ringtones, I buy a new phone?
The stamps you put on your external memory in the folder E: / Sounds / Digital

“The applications are not always compatible with this new system?
Of course, if all your apps and themes are supported, but we recommend that henceforth seek applications for the N97 or the C6 and some bring the plugin to put a widget on the desktop, down on the extras will leave some .

Nokia 5530 RM-504

Nokia 5800 RM-428

Nokia 5800 RM-356

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