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Use Your Facebook To Send Smart Pasaload

With more or less 45-million subscribers recorded in 2010, Smart Communications once again took another leap to innovate its “Pasaload” service even better.
Today, SMART subscribers can already use the internet to share cellphone loads to friends, family, and other contacts. Leveraging the top social networking site, Facebook, the official SMART Pasaload app let you send load dominations in any Smart Buddy, Talk-n-Text, and Gold mobile phones.

Good thing some folks at Smart Communications have come up with a clever and hip way to make the whole exercise of passing on load to your fellow Smart subscribers.

Behold, the Smart Facebook Pasaload App! Yes, with this Facebook App, Smart Pasaload has become as easy as a few mouse clicks.

1. Add your mobile number

Add your Smart Mobile number

2. Add your Pasaload Contacts

3. Drag numbers into the Send & Receive boxes

Select who will recieve the Pasaload

4. Choose the load denomination or call & text package to send

Select the load denomination to send

5. Pasaload instantaneously!

No need to memorize keywords, edit contact’s numbers or access numbers, you can now Pasaload to your fellow Smart subscribers in just a few mouse clicks and all inside Facebook! Smart Pasaload Facebook.

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