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Brand new UC Browser v9.0 for Android and Java

A customizable browser with advanced online video capabilities

UC Browser version 9.0 for both Android and Java has just been released. It contains several new features designed to allow you to customize your browser to suit your needs, and to enhance your ability to watch online video content.

Evolving improvement of the videos function

In its most recent versions, UC Browser has been continuously developing its users’ ability to enjoy online videos without a network connection on both iPhone and iPad. This powerful function, called Watch Offline, is now available on UC Browser for Android, the largest UC Browser version by user base.

According to the detailed research conducted by UC Browser, it was found that 74% of all Indian users and 63% of smart phone users very frequently watch online videos on their phone. However, many users express dissatisfaction with their network connections. 73% of Android users state that watching videos in a 2G environment makes the videos very choppy. As such, there exists a large number of users who like to watch online videos but are limited in doing so. UC Browser has aimed to solve this problem.

UC Browser for Android includes the Watch Offline feature, which enables users to enjoy smoothly playing online videos at any time. When watching a video, if you click the Watch Offline button, UC Browser will cache the video to your phone. You can then enjoy watching the video perfectly without a network connection.

In the updated version of UC Browser for Java, UC Browser has made significant improvements to Video and Audio playback of online content. During our research, we found that 65% of feature phone users watch online videos on their mobile browser. However, due to the limited amount of storage space typically contained on feature phones, using the Watch Offline feature is not ideal. Therefore, in order to allow Java users to enjoy the same online video watching experience as our Android users, UC Browser v9.0 for Java has designed   the Fast Video and Audio Playing feature to break through this storage limitation. The Fast Video and Audio Playing feature allows users to play video files that have been saved to UDisk directly, without having to download those big files to  local phone storage.

According to  research data, the saving of videos on UDisk rose by 350% in the past 9 months. This Fast Video and Audio Playing feature is surely helping Java users to experience an enhanced browsing not available to them before.

Customized browsing enhancement

If you’re used to the Android system, you’ll find the new UC Browser for Android very familiar. The multiple start screens are designed with the ability to organize your shortcuts on start screens into folders by dragging on shortcut over another, which is consistent with the way the Android system operates.

The ability to add customized themes and the UI enhancement in Android allows you to change the way your UC Browser looks by downloading themes and wallpapers from the UC Theme Centre. Especially for our users who are fans of Cricket, UC Browser has designed several Indian Premier League themes and released a Cricket Zone. In addition, the Java 9.0 version has several new features for easier browsing, such as Account Information Saving and an Improved User Interface.

“We don’t just make our browser to view websites, we are devoted to delivering a better internet experience to different people all over the world. We try to find the common values of various people in different nations” says Xiaopeng He, the Product President of UCWeb. “We collect as much data on product improvement as we can, to make our browser the best in usability and functionality”.

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