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Why Apple Needs Google to be Successful

Just about everybody in the developed world is aware of the battle between Apple Inc. and Google, but few know that a key part in Apple’s success is Google. Without apps developed by the search giant, many people may in fact feel that Apple products are obsolete. Controversy arose when Apple’s decision to drop Google maps in the iOS 6 update was announced. The new mapping software that came pre-installed on all iOS devices running iOS 6 brought many people more than frustration. Numerous customers refused to upgrade to iOS6 until a Google Maps app was available in the app store, and some analysts believed that the issue would limit iPhone 5 sales.


Within 48 hours of the launch, Google Maps received over 10 million iPhone downloads, pushing it to the top of Apple’s downloads chart. And although this is good news for Google, there is also a sense of relief for Apple as well. With a reliable maps application now available in the App Store, consumers are more likely to upgrade their iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touchs to the newest version of the operating system, iOS 6. Upon the release of Google Maps, Apple saw a slight trend in iOS 6 activations, but not quite to the scale they were probably hoping for. It is, however, estimated that a significant increase in upgrades will be seen by the end of the Holiday season.

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