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5 Tips to Use Social Media Marketing Efficiently

Social media marketing doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming in order to build your reputation as a professional. Given the popularity of various venues and the capabilities for integrating several platforms at once, promoting yourself on sites such as Twitter and Facebook can be greatly beneficial for developing a reputation. As long as you’re using these sites efficiently, they can become your greatest tool for getting yourself out in the world.

Regular Updates

People will follow your account on social media if you prove to be entertaining or post regular comments. One message per month may not be enough to keep the attention of those you wish to engage. Make your social updates regularly while paying attention to your followers. Your popularity could increase exponentially if people realize you’re easily accessible in such a manner.

Use Mass Production

The Internet has several apps that will allow you to post a single message to several social sites simultaneously. This means you’re capable of connecting to those that use sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from a single submission. With services such as those offered by Buffer or Hootsuite, you can spend five minutes writing a quick blurb and submit the content to all of your favorite social hubs with a single click of the mouse.


Keep your social content relevant to your expertise. It’s OK to comment on some random material that peaks your interest in the real world, but keeping your focus on what you excel at will help demonstrate that you’re an expert. Do you want to be remembered as a professional in your field, or as someone that likes random animal memes?

Be Personable

You don’t want to be robotic or clinical in your social posts. People are more likely to interact with someone that has personality. While this doesn’t mean you have to try your best to be entertaining, you should still try to make it seem more like a friend giving advice rather than a commercial.


Try to include imagery in most of your posts. Studies show that people on social sites are more receptive to messages that include images or videos than simple text. It catches the eye quicker and, as the adage goes, a picture is worth 1000 words.

When viewing pages such as Bob Parsons’ Crunchbase profile, you can see how social integration works to enhance the experience. Messages from Twitter can be imported into a variety of pages giving you cross-promotion capabilities while showing the visitor that you’re active on social media. In today’s online-driven world, you need as much effort to promote yourself on the Internet as you would in real life.

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