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Wimdu is Redefining the Way You Travel

Wimdu is Redefining the Way You Travel – Traveling in China? Just want to stay in a Beijing courtyard like the one above? How about staying in that exact courtyard? Now’s your time to do it for free. Wimdu.com, a new online platform that connects travelers and hosts by blending regular booking sites with couchsurfing, is giving away vouchers worth RMB 500 (which should be a two night stay) that can be used throughout China (and Bangkok, Seoul, Hong Kong and many other cities in between).

Wimdu earns you money while you sleep. You will experience the cities you wish to visit in a whole new way, trying unique things and visiting undiscovered places known only to the locals as you stay with or in their places. And what is better than receiving tips from someone living in the city? Use Wimdu whenever travelling for business or pleasure, whether you are going to London, Paris, New York, Berlin, Madrid or Rome or anywhere else in the world you choose to go!

Wimdu has recently added Thailand to their listings. This has long been an exciting vacation destination, and now through Wimdu.com travelers can save money, while learning the nuances of the Thai culture. Instead of staying in a hotel, Wimdu makes it possible to immerse oneself in the culture, food, and daily life of locals.

How Wimdu works is quite a unique setup. Hosts list properties, with pictures and descriptions. Travelers can determine if the property is a good fit based on number of guests, amount of privacy and location. The website does all of the legwork for traveler, including a map of the area and reviews from previous travelers.

The appeal of Wimdu is there are hosts that cater to every type of traveler, budget and location. Whether you want a shared room or an entire apartment, you can find what you are looking for through a few simple clicks. All the guests have to do is enter the desired location and dates of travel and any available properties will show.

The website offers reviews of not only hosts, but of the traveler as well. This ensures that it is a positive experience for both future hosts and guests, since the guest must confirm a request for a stay. These reviews become part of the profile for the user, and can be easily accessed from the listing.

Wimdu also offers a unique messaging system in which the traveler and the host can communicate through their site. This protects the host from releasing personal information until a stay is confirmed, at which time the traveler is provided with direct contact.

In order to protect the traveler, Wimdu holds payment until after a successful check in is reported. The host is then paid from Wimdu within 24 hours. This protects both parties.

Wimdu is Redefining the Way You Travel

Wimdu is Redefining the Way You Travel

Wimdu is Redefining the Way You Travel

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