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Why Packaging is Important

Why Packaging is Important

It used to be that a container was just something used to hold a product until the item could be removed by the end consumer. That is not the way it is anymore. The way a package and the label attached to it are designed are part of the overall branding of products. Here are some thoughts on why you should pay attention to and perhaps even update your packaging.


When packaging is colorful and interesting, you can be sure it will attract more people. You want to be sure that the colors are bright and clean on your packaging. If you find a batch that is less colorful than you expect, talk with your printing service to see if they use an anilox roll cleaner to keep their system in top shape. Your printers are your partners in producing packages that use colors evenly and in the way you designed them.


The packaging of your items needs to connect to your customers. People want to be able to easily see which side is up and how the container opens. If a container can remain useful after the contents have been removed, that is another bonus. For instance, if the box doubles as a holder for your item, people will be more likely to gravitate toward it.


Your goal is to make it easy for your buyers to purchase and use your items. Overdoing the packaging can kill that. If a box has to be opened, filler removed and then another package opened, you have overpacked the object unless it is quite fragile. Have you ever tried to get into something that has that hard-plastic case that follows the contours of the item? It can be frustrating to try to open that package and makes you want to buy it with different packaging the next time you need it.


Just because you are going for simplicity doesn’t mean you can’t follow the market trends. Keep an eye on what’s happening to see what your competitors are doing and how consumers are reacting. Sometimes a small tweak to your packaging or even just to your labeling can go a long way toward staying trendy. You can use media to your advantage when you keep on top of what’s happening.

Because you want your products to sell and bring in profits, you need to be sure your packaging is doing its best to help you. It may be time to take a good, hard look and consider making some changes.

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