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Ways Artists and Skilled Workers Can Sell Nationally or Internationally

Both artists and skilled tradesmen are no longer restricted to selling their creations in person. With the rise of the internet, artists and consumers are able to find one another without the use of open markets, catalogs, or large scale advertising. However, some artists are still struggling with shipping; especially those who craft large pieces of yard art, furniture, or large paintings.

Online Listing & Shipping Services

For artists and skilled workers who can ship their products from home, using online stores and listing sites in combination with online shipping services is the best option. Shipping labels can be printed at home, and the carrier can pick up the package from the comfort of the artist’s home. This is usually the best option for items than can be shipped in a box or envelope.

Hiring Truck Drivers

For the larger items that cannot ship traditionally, a privately hired truck driver might be necessary. Many types of large items can be hauled by tractor trailers, but it will come at a cost. Some drivers have routes and perform this service for several people at a time; in this case, prices could be significantly lower when many items are going to the same destinations. Shipping may take a while longer, but in some cases, it may be the only viable option for moving such a large item.

Freight & Large Scale Production

For the business that needs to move a lot of products, especially overseas, shipping items in large freight containers could be economical. Large shipping companies like qualityoneflshipping.com can handle unique requests, unlike most traditional mail carriers or private shipping services. This is ideal for groups of artists who sculpt large delicate items, such as handmade furniture or vases, and produce far more items than a single artist.

Both artists and skilled craftsmen can move their most sought-after pieces nationally and internationally. If the buyer is unable to arrange transport for the item, the artist has many different, safe methods to choose from.

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