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Top Xbox Series SX Games to Play In 2022

Top Xbox Series S|X Games to Play In 2022

The Xbox Series S|X was released in November 2020, and was met with enormous demand that manufacturers couldn’t keep up with; the state of availability has almost recovered now. Even though the console has been out for almost two years now, there aren’t many exclusive for the next-gen consoles. That being said, there are still plenty of games that are well worth playing on the powerful consoles, especially the series X with its potential for 4K output. We discuss the top four games for 2022.

Elden Ring

From the team behind Dark Souls and Bloodborne comes Elden Ring, a truly incredible masterpiece that’s worthy of hitting 4K on a 240hz gaming monitor. The game takes place in an open world, which is different from other FromSoftware entries and adds to the allure of this game. Further, George R.R. Martin, the mind behind Game of Thrones, helped pen the storyline and take the game to another level. There is no easy way out in this game, you have to battle up the steep learning curve, but the enemies are well balanced.

Halo Infinite

The legacy Halo games have had their online servers switched off, except The Master Chief Collection, which has dropped the number of players. Therefore, the next best thing to get your hands on is Halo Infinite, which was released back in November 2021. The game is optimized for the new series of Xbox, which makes it enjoyable in the visual sense. The gameplay is great and stays true to the incredible combat capabilities of Master Chief.

Unfortunately, 343 Industries made promises to create a game with an incredible story behind it. Instead, the game they put out served as an introductory game for the modern beginner, which leaves behind a taste of disappointment.

Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes is a unique indie game that managed to cast Daisy Ridley, James McAvoy, and Willem Dafoe, which is a stellar lineup for a game’s voiceover. The story behind this game is a murder mystery on loop, with each repeat bringing new information. Your aim is to work out who committed the crime. This game is unique, but the downside is that there’s not a lot of gameplay from it, and once you know the outcome there’s no real replay value.

Back 4 Blood

Turtle Rock Studio is a machine when it comes to zombie shooters, with 2008’s Left 4 Dead receiving instant success. Back 4 Blood, which was released in October 2021, is no different and lends itself perfectly to the Xbox Series X. This incredible zombie game has a co-op mode, survival modes, and online play capabilities. The formula for this game hasn’t shifted much since Left 4 Dead, with elements of the game feeling repetitive, but all is forgiven thanks to the satisfying mechanics and mayhem.

The Xbox Series S|X has been out for almost two years but there aren’t many exclusive games for the console. That being said, there are plenty of titles worthy of playing on these next-gen consoles; the list above is a great starting point.

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