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Must-Have Amenities To Spice Up Your Hotel Stay

Must-Have Amenities To Spice Up Your Hotel Stay

With so many hotels today, choosing a great hotel for your next vacation is not a cakewalk. While we all want a hotel that offers a good night’s sleep and awesome customer service, some don’t offer free amenities that enhance your experience and save cost. You must therefore consider a hotel’s facilities before booking.  Ms. Maggie’s South Country Inn offers family-friendly amenities that make you feel at home. 

But which facilities should you consider when choosing a hotel? 

Read on. 

1. Basic Amenities

Your hotel room should have enough basic amenities to use during your stay at no extra cost. These amenities include: 

  • Toiletries such as lotion and shampoo
  • Personal care items such as hairdryer, shower cap, shaving cream, razor, and combs
  • Coffee kit including coffee and creamer, and maker

2.  Free Breakfast

Having something to eat before you kick start your day is amazing. It does not only save you money but also gives you the energy to face daily tasks. Free breakfast can save you  $40 or even more. 

3. Pillows Options

If you prefer a specific kind of pillows, perhaps due to allergies, you should look for a hotel that offers pillow options. Some hotels offer special pillows, such as hypoallergenic pillows and foam to guarantee their clients’ comfort.  

4. Free Parking

If you are traveling in your car, choose a hotel that offers free parking space. The parking space should be spacious and secure. The last thing you want is to look for a parking space outside your hotel. Ms. Maggie’s South Country Inn offers safe and free parking convenient for vehicles and motorcycles. 

5. Free WIFI

Reliable internet is important for guest satisfaction. It enables you to stream your favorite TV channel and complete your tasks on the go. Modern hotels have bid goodbye to the era when hotels used to charge for the internet. 

Great hotel amenities distinguish between great and ordinary hotels. Take time to evaluate several options and choose a hotel with top-notch free facilities.  Enjoy your vacation.

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