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Tips That Will Help You Extend Your Band Heater’s Life

Tips That Will Help You Extend Your Band Heater’s Life

After spending ample time looking for reputable and reliable band heater suppliers many people ignore the need to extend the heater’s life. Band heaters are subject to wear and tear. However, there are scenarios when the heater tears faster due to environmental factors causing system failures. A failing band heater requires replacement, which can get expensive. Therefore, you need to understand the art of identifying a supplier while maintaining an optimally functioning band heater. Below is a comprehensive guide to help you with both.

Problems That Cut Short A Band Heater’s Life

Even though heater bands are prone to wear and tear, some things speed up the process. Below are three problems to watch.


Contamination is the chief culprit of band heater failure, with hydraulic oil, moisture, and plastic leading the list of contaminants. In most cases, the contaminants damage the lead wire, which causes the band heater to fail. There is, thus, a need for you to buy a contaminant-resistant heater. To be on the safe side, ensure to purchase an affordable band heater and have the components inspected and replaced frequently.

Poor Contact 

How you handle the band heater determines how functional, effective, and efficient it runs. Some band heaters have extruded aluminum bands and have a high watt density. Therefore, tightening the band can cause premature failures.

High working temperatures make the band critical, especially if tightened. You have to, thus, read the installation guidelines, which help you fit the band accordingly.

Watt Density

Band heaters are wired with high wattage, which boils up the internal temperature when processing material. The internal temperature increase lowers the band heater’s life. Therefore, ensure to purchase a band heater with the right watt density. Ensure to consult with your band heater supplier to help you size the wattage.

Considerations to Make When Choosing A Band Heater Supplier 

It’s one thing to purchase a band heater and another to purchase a quality band heater from a competent supplier. Below are guidelines that will help you detect the best supplier.


In this internet era, reputation plays a critical role in defining the reliability of a band heater supplier. Therefore, ensure to examine available online reviews. The reviews will help you determine the quality of the band heaters.


Your band heater supplier must have experience dealing with different types of band heaters. Band heaters are complex, and a supplier with an in-depth understanding of the band heaters. Therefore, examine the number of years the supplier has handled and supplied band heaters and their success in the industry.

Professional Counsel 

How well you install and handle the band heater is dependent on the advice you receive from your supplier. Therefore, it takes time to engage with the supplier, especially in discussions related to band heaters. Your supplier’s guidance is requisite for the overall performance of the band heater.

A professional will also have multiple band heater types, which you have to choose from. Developing a professional perspective is essential as it helps you make an informed decision about a band heater suitable for your processing needs.

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