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Tips and Tricks for Installing a Glock 19 Custom Slide

Tips and Tricks for Installing a Glock 19 Custom Slide

You should know many essential things before installing a Glock 19 custom slide. These tips will ensure that the process goes smoothly and that you get a perfect pistol.


There is no better place to start if you want to replace your stock slide with something sturdy.

Glock 19 custom slide is one of the many aftermarket handgun improvements that can completely change the game. If you customize the drop, you’ll have a platform to add a red dot optic or other holster-improving accessories.

A custom Glock slide can be as inexpensive as a few hundred dollars or as pricey as you want. 


Many options are available if you want to upgrade your Glock 19 to a custom pistol. You can have the slide cut to fit RMR-patterned optics, a custom barrel, or a variety of other modifications. However, choosing the right slide is more complex than picking the first one you see. The right fall can be crucial to your safety, and the wrong one can lead to damage.

Whether you’re looking for a complete slide replacement or you’re just interested in a barrel, you can find everything you need. Their selection includes the Brownells Iron Sight model, a slide designed for Gen3 Glocks. It’s made from solid 17-4 stainless steel billets and comes with a standard front sight tenon.

Another option is the Brownells Long Slide for Glock(r) 19, which comes with a long, full-length G17 slide atop a compact G19 frame. The fall features wide serrations for a secure grip when racking the slide.


You can use some handy tips and tricks to build your custom Glock 19 slide. After all, the company offers an extensive catalog of components and services. They also provide a Certified Armorer’s Course online.

A Glock has three main components: the barrel, the slide, and the recoil assembly. You’ll find a serial number on the frame when you first purchase a Glock. This serial number is essential if you transfer the structure to an FFL dealer. Once you receive the edge, you’ll need to pay the appropriate fees and paperwork.

You can buy a custom Glock slide from many different companies. 

Assembling a Glock pistol from scratch

Assembling a Glock 19 pistol from scratch is more manageable. There are few tools required. Some are power tools, such as a drill and a milling machine. Other parts can be purchased online.

First, choose a part kit. A good Glock parts kit will have all the parts you need to put your gun together. It includes an end mill, a drill bit, and a stainless steel front locking block. If you plan on doing your work, you’ll also want to pick up a pair of needle nose pliers.

Next, you need a jig. A jig allows you to align your components correctly. The jig also helps you to determine how far your mill should be.

Once your jig is in place, you can start putting your frame together. It’s a simple process, but you should give yourself at least an hour or two.

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