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Keeping proper track of employee work time is important for both employees and employers. Paper time sheets come with a variety of problems, and are fairly easy for employees to falsify or for honest mistakes to be made. By converting a paper time sheet system to an electronic one, tracking employee time becomes easier, faster and more accurate.

Perfect for Small Business

Small businesses are the most likely to use paper systems, and they are the most likely to benefit from an affordable electronic time clock. A single machine can handle the needs of a small office or business location. They will print verification slips for employees and will track employee work time. When payroll comes around, it is a simple matter of accessing the prepared electronic records kept by the time clock.

Accuracy and Reliability

Honest mistakes or purposeful misinformation are common problems with traditional paper time sheets. When the task of time keeping is handed over to an electronic time clock, these problems vanish. The time clock software will automatically keep track of the entered employee hours, and the information cannot be falsified. This accuracy provides a financial and legal benefit to employers. An employee if far less likely to be successful in a lawsuit for wrongful pay or denied vacation time when an electronic time clock is keeping track of their hours. A good quality time clock, such as those offered from the Time Clock eShop, have quartz clocks, battery backup and automatic adjustment for daylight savings time. This means you will never have to reset the clock, worry about time changes or have a major hassle every time the power goes out.


Many small businesses are stuck using paper time sheets because they are inexpensive and easy to produce. Cost does not have to be a limiting factor. Simple electronic time clocks are affordable for most businesses and can be purchased for a few hundred dollars. The cost-saving potential of an electronic time clock far outweighs its cost. A payroll mistake can easily equal the cost of a single electronic time clock. The expenses of litigation related to serious payroll mistakes can be disastrous for most businesses and can often be avoided by using an electronic time clock.

Investing in an electronic time clock is a smart business decision. Employees and managers alike will be thankful they have a reliable and accurate time keeping system in place.

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