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That's me in the cornerThat's me in the spotlight, I'm Losing my religionTrying to keep up with youAnd I don't know if I can do itOh no, I've said too much- Losing My Religion; R.E.M.; Out of TimeYou're a good person, right?I think I am too, or al...

That’s me in the corner – that’s me in the spotlight…

That’s me in the corner
That’s me in the spotlight, 
I’m Losing my religion
Trying to keep up with you
And I don’t know if I can do it
Oh no, I’ve said too much

Losing My Religion; R.E.M.; Out of Time

You’re a good person, right?

I think I am too, or almost all of us are. In our own weird and unfathomable definition we are.

And because of your goodness, you tend to do some things for someone(s). 

You go crazy at times, overreact even. And THEN while you’re in the midst of what you’re doing you lose….faith.

Regardless of the PROMISE (which you have kept) – you tend to falter or dare I say it, DOUBT.

You lose your “religion”.

I lose faith easily. I get discouraged easily. 

When someone talks about something bad and/or crude or JUST not the way I like it (yes, selfishness included) – especially something I BELIEVE IN – and/or part of, e.g.; boys who likes boys. Duh….

AND if I say something that I THINK would offend someone – I get crazy sad on that. And I apologize. I’m always ALWAYS sorry. I was even told (countless times) “Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

Yes, emo kid, I am.

I lose faith too.

Just like The Pilgrim, remember? When he was ALMOST there – he lost faith?

Or Dante – yes! – when he was on his way to cross the River Acheron with Virgil = he collapsed!

Maybe, I’m just TOO kind or TOO good, and this is POINTLESS! 

OR MAYBE today’s not really the best day in all of my existence and I JUST NEED TO MOPE AND/OR RANT?!


1. The House almost burned to CINDER this early morning = electric post AND rain aren’t bestfriends. Thus resulting into BOOM BOOM BOOM and fireworks and finally DARKNESS.

2. Articles to write – 10 per day since yesterday – 500 words on each; to the DOT!

3. Some people think I’m MODELLING, just because I’m flaunting my ass on THE WEBSITE, doesn’t mean I am. (I’m doing this as rebellion – VIVA LA REVOLUTION – against those who DO NOT GET IT or a ward against STUPIDITY – along with MY HAMMER!)

4. The rain – hasn’t stopped eversince last week. With murk and MUD that would surely spoil your shoes and/or slippers.

I’ve been in the dark and damp for quite sometime now, I need my


I really do…

If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge? – The Bard Of Avon

ON OTHER NEWS: (Lighter side of things)


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