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Stay Competitive with the Right Warehouse Equipment

If you are in business, you without a doubt understand the need to remain competitive. Otherwise, you will not be in business for very long. The warehousing and distributing industry is no exception. In fact, with so many companies offering free shipping these days, cutting costs is no longer optional. It is critical for keeping the doors open. The key is to be able to move as much product as possible in the least amount of time with a minimal amount of manual handling involved. This way of thinking is necessary for everything from receiving and storage of the goods to retrieval and shipping.

Packaging can be an activity in which the operation can easily get bogged down. It takes longer to repackage a product than it does to pull it off the shelf. It also takes longer to package it than it does to apply a shipping label. Consequently, packaging can easily become the bottleneck in a distribution facility. An automated packaging system can be the answer here. Companies like ScottTech Integrated Solutions have the background, knowledge and expertise to set you up with the right equipment. This will enable you to take labor costs out while speeding up the process.

Not only will an automated system improve productivity, but safety will be enhanced as well. Manual packaging involves a lot of motions and other activities that put workers at risk. All the bending, lifting and twisting involved creates a perfect storm that can lead to back strains and repetitive motion injuries. Many of these activities require the use of box cutters and other sharp objects. A slip of a knife can do more than send a worker to the first aid station for a bandage. It can send one to the emergency room for stitches. If the cut severs a tendon, surgery may be required. The best way to eliminate the risk associated with an activity is to eliminate the need to perform the activity. Automated equipment takes away much of this risk.

Another activity that can put employees at risk for injury is retrieving objects from heights. A fall from this level could be life-threatening. Automated retrieval systems not only eliminate this risk, but they enable you to make more use of the space from floor to ceiling, making your warehousing operation more efficient.

If your business involves a significant amount of material handling, you should find a way to make innovative technology work for you.

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