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Spigen Neo Hybrid Carbon for Apple iPhone 6s Plus Review

Most iPhone owners use cases. They’re the easiest way to keep your device looking and feeling new, even if you accidentally drop your iPhone, or keep it in a pocket or bag with other items. But when Apple releases new iPhones, it can be hard to find a case on day one (or even week one) that’s guaranteed to fit, especially if Apple makes subtle changes to the iPhone’s body.

That’s why Spigen’s new lineup of iPhone 6s cases is so appealing. Each of the 5 designs has been custom-molded with the little bit of extra space Apple’s slightly thicker iPhone 6s will need, so you can have protection ready as soon as your iPhone arrives.

But, unfortunately my experience with this product is not quite good, I have purchased my Spigen Neo Hybrid Carbon for Apple iPhone 6s Plus via Spigen Concept Store thru Lazada.ph last January 11 2016 and received the product 5 days after, after using the case for two days , the plastic bumper was broken, near the silent toggle, I did not drop my device or what so ever, I guess the plastic bumper is not quite strong to hold the thin line near the silent toggle. (see the image below)

So, I contacted spigen via email, and good thing spigen offers 2 year warranty on their products, thats the good side for the customers, they offer warranty for my product and waited for one month for the replace of the product, after one month I received the case. And I carefully put it on my device, watching youtube videos on how to put that case in proper order.

Adfter three days of using the case, and again without dropping the device or something else, the plastic bumper again broke by itself, and now its on the lower part near the charging hole, I guess I will no longer have my product to have a warranty again and will wait again for 1 month.

Give your iPhone 6s Plus the carbon fiber treatment with our Neo Hybrid® Carbon case. The newly designed TPU shell sports a carbon fiber texture for the ultimate style while offering dual bumper protection with a thicker PC frame for reinforced durability at the cutouts.

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