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Searching for job online? Try Outsourcely

Outsourcely is a virtual assistant company based in Foresthill, CA. They make it easy to connect with virtual assistants through their platform and have a large number of remote workers based all over the world.

The company began with a strong presence in the Philippines but now have more than 250,000 remote workers in their database to choose from when hiring a virtual assistant.

About Outsourcely

The company was started in 2014. The founder and current CEO Oleg Posternetsky was frustrated by the way other virtual assistant platforms worked and wanted to make a platform that offered reliable virtual assistants that could be hired directly.

He started Outsourcely and has created the platform he wanted. Outsourcely now has more than 250,000 fully-vetted remote workers from more than 130 countries in their database. Their primary focus is their “Search and Hire” platform, which allows business owners to search their database of virtual assistants and make contact with a VA best suited to their requirements.

They also have a “Team Workplace”, which is a resource that helps their clients manage their remote teams. An interesting angle that separates Outsourcely from other virtual assistant companies is that their platform is 100% free for the remote workers. As a client, you sign up with Outsourcely for a monthly fee, when you find an assistant you want to work with you negotiate their pay directly with them.

Target customers for Outsourcely are anyone with an online presence looking to free up some time and start outsourcing tasks. With such a large database of virtual assistants it’s very likely you will find someone who matches up with your requirements.

How do I get paid?

Your employer is responsible for paying you directly. As you go through the interview process and come to an agreement on employment, we strongly encourage you and employers to come to a very clear agreement on rate of pay, when you will get paid and how you will get paid. Many remote workers and employers use Paypal for payments. There are numerous payment systems available. We strongly encourage remote workers to keep a written verification of the payment agreement. If an employer does not meet their payment obligations we ask that you contact Outsourcely and be prepared to provide written details that clearly show both the agreement and the lack of payment. Outsourcely will work with the remote worker and the employer on resolving the issue. Finally, we encourage remote workers and employers to arrange first payment within 7 days of an agreement to ensure the agreed upon payment system works.

Try Outsourcely now!

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