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6 Tips for Becoming a Better Indian Cook at Home

We all love going to restaurants; however, eating in restaurants can sometimes be expensive. Fortunately, you don’t have to visit an Indian restaurant to enjoy quality Indian cuisine. Instead, you can learn to cook Indian food at home. If you like the idea of this, then here are some of our top tips to help you become a better Indian cook at home:

1.     Find a Good Recipe

If you have never attempted cooking Indian food before, you must search for a good recipe. Your recipe will tell you everything you need to know, including what ingredients you need to purchase and how long your dish will take to cook. 

Once you have found a recipe, take time to read it through. This will eliminate any surprises when you start cooking. For example, if you don’t read the recipe, you may overlook that the chicken must be marinated for several hours before being cooked. This could mean your dish will not be ready in time for dinner. 

2.     Layer Your Ingredients

Although adding all your ingredients in one go can be tempting, this is not advisable in Indian cuisine. This is because Indian food is all about the layering of flavours. Adding one ingredient at a time helps to bring out the flavours of a dish. 

3.     Understand Your Spices

If you’ve ever visited a fantastic Indian restaurant like urban-tandoor.com, you will know that they use spices in almost all their dishes. Spices are considered a fundamental part of Indian cuisine. So, before you can cook great Indian food, you must learn the different spices and what they can bring to a dish.  

4.     Learn About the Different Cuts of Meat

Most Indian chefs will tell you that the meat you choose for a dish is crucial. Because of this, it’s essential to know a little bit about the different cuts of meat available. When you know this information, you can select the best cut of meat for the dish you are preparing. 

5.     Taste Your Food

No matter what type of food you are cooking, whether English, Chinese, Italian or Indian, it’s always advisable to taste the food you are cooking. This allows you to make any alterations to the flavour as your dish cooks. 

6.     Keep Practising

If your first Indian dish isn’t as tasty as you had hoped, don’t give up. Instead, re-read the recipe and give it another go. It can take several attempts for you to perfect an Indian dish. 

While we all love going to an authentic Indian restaurant, most of us cannot afford to do this very often. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could cook this kind of food at home? Often when we cook at home, our food never tastes like the food we enjoy in Indian restaurants. However, the tips above can help you to change this. They will help you create dishes that taste, smell and look fantastic.  

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